What #TRUMPS Hate?

Editor’s Note: this blog was written a couple of days post election results. I’ve since had time to digest the results and come to broader conclusions. I stand by the words I’ve written and have since added a few more thoughts in the almost 2 months since the results. Before I dive into the meat … More What #TRUMPS Hate?

Gulu| Months 1+2

Well Gulu, it’s officially time for your 60 day review. And unlike corporate America I don’t have to be tactful, politically correct, or kind with my assessment of your performance. On the anniversary of my arrival in Gulu, I thought it appropriate to send an update that would answer many of the burning questions I … More Gulu| Months 1+2

What IJM Orientation Taught Me

Perfection is NOT the expectation  What IS expected of the interns and fellows deploying overseas?  Relational living. Bridge building between cultures. Community immersion. All of these “buzzwords” were used as a means to convey the importance of diving into relationships head first. The longer you fight against all of the change you’re experiencing, the harder … More What IJM Orientation Taught Me

Kenya Believe it!?

Hi Family! Hi Friends! First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the love, support, hugs, encouraging words, texts, emails, letters, money, high fives, cards, pats on the back, prayers, meals, work outs, tweets, Instagrams…. This list could go on. You have blessed me immeasurably and I can never say thank … More Kenya Believe it!?