Kenya Believe it!?


Hi Family! Hi Friends!

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the love, support, hugs, encouraging words, texts, emails, letters, money, high fives, cards, pats on the back, prayers, meals, work outs, tweets, Instagrams…. This list could go on. You have blessed me immeasurably and I can never say thank you enough for loving me so well during this season of my life. Each of you are GLARING examples of the ways in which God demonstrates his perfect love for us, through his people.

So, here we are. It is the night before I embark on this beautiful journey that God is taking me on and all I can think is… WHERE did the TIME go!? My career coach called this time a labor of love. While I don’t know what childbirth is like, I know this trip is definitely my baby. I have all of the excitements and anxieties that come with anticipating a miraculous gift for 9 months. I have never fought so hard, prayed  so often, pushed my limits, and increased my capacity to love others as much as I have during this process. I’m ready to meet this “baby”.  I’m ready to step foot in Africa, to wrap my arms around the missionaries doing God’s work, day in and day out and just say, “THANK YOU.”

Two weeks ago the team sat in a room together and discussed where our hearts and heads were as the trip drew nearer. I was floored by the vulnerability and honesty that they demonstrated. So, now I’ll do that with you. As the leader of this trip I feel totally ill-equipped to be in charge of these 10 amazing and strong willed people. I sit back in awe of how God is working in each of their lives and sometimes feel unbelievably blessed to have a front row seat.  I am beyond excited to experience a new culture and fall in love with Africa and her people. I’m anxious about language barriers and the inevitable questions about my love of Jesus. I’m exhausted from the 9 months of stressing and praying and doubting and rejoicing and grieving and loving. But, more than anything, I’m excited to see how God is going to show up in Mombasa with this amazing group of people he has woven together. This is God’s trip, I’m just the annoying lady on the bus with the clipboard and the whistle :).  It only took a few months for me to realize that I am totally and completely at the mercy of God’s will. I have been praying for wisdom and patience and all the right words to convey how GREAT and POWERFUL my God is when we get there. I still feel unprepared, but every time anxiety edges closer I remind myself, “not my Will but yours, Lord.”

So, this is the last thing I will ask from you now. Prayer: plain and simple. My team has already encountered some unbelievable challenges through the planning process that has left us shaken and defeated, but not broken.  We are a team of young adults thrown together (only by the grace and omniscience of God) to carry out a mission of encouragement halfway around the world. I have never been more confident that God is going to show up and do mighty and amazing things with these people and for all of those who we encounter.

Again, this was nothing more than a thank you and a promise to keep you all included in the amazing outpouring of blessings I’m experiencing right now. If you haven’t already, find me on Facebook, email me, I hope to update you on the trip while we’re there.

I love you,


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